Class Session View Form

This form is used to take attendance (note that audit students are excluded from attendance.)

The form shows the details of a class session:

  • Open or Closed status of the term (see the Term Edit Form topic for details.)
  • Name of the class as identified by its course code, class section and term.
  • Date and time of the session.
  • Duration in minutes of the session.
  • Instructor assigned to the session.
  • Room where the class meets

The form then lists all the students of the class alphabetically along with their attendance record for that session.

Click on a single attendance line to edit it.

Click on the lower right to take attendance for all students of the class at once. The options are Unknown, Present, Late, Absent or Excused.

Click to edit the details of the session via the Class Session Edit Form.

Tip: you can configure College Office via My Institution in Setup so that all Unknown attendances are automatically changed to either Present or Absent after a configurable delay in days. This way you could for example only record when a student is Absent, Late or Excused and let College Office set all other students to Present after the configurable delay. On the other hand, if you want to force the instructors to take attendance, then you may want to configure College Office to set all Unknown attendance to Absent after the configurable delay.

Note: this form lets you record the attendance of all class students for one sessions, to view or record the attendance for all sessions of one student see the Class Enrollment Edit Form.

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