Edit Class Schedule

ADMINISTRATION -> Terms -> Term -> Class -> Edit Class Schedule

This screen is used to edit a schedule line in a class schedule. Note that Recorded classes do not have a schedule, only Live classes do.

  • Open or Closed status of the term (see the Edit Term help topic for more details.)
  • From: beginning date of the schedule, by default this is the class start date.
  • To: end date of the schedule, by default this is the class end date.
  • Day of Week: day of week when the class meets.
  • Start Hour: hour (24h format) when the class meets.
  • Start Minute: minutes of the hour when the class meets.
  • Frequency weekly or every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks etc...
  • Minutes: duration in minutes of the meeting.
  • Room: room where the class meets. The list of available rooms is defined via the Rooms screen.
  • Instructor: name of the class instructor assigned to this slot. Click to the right to select one of the instructors assigned to the class. If you leave this empty, College Office will automatically assign the primary instructor.


  • When you create a class schedule item, College Office will automatically create all the related class sessions (actual class meetings at a point in time) based on the start and end dates, frequency, day of week and time, taking into account the dates when your institution is closed as recorded via the Holidays screen.
  • When you delete a class schedule item, College Office will automatically delete all their related class sessions (and their related attendance records.)
  • Changing the Day Of Week, Frequency, Start Date or End Date of an existing schedule will result in the deletion of the class meetings no longer meeting the date criteria, which will also delete their related attendance records.
  • Changes made to the start time, duration, room or assigned instructor are automatically propagated to the related class sessions.

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