Edit Transaction

ADMINISTRATION -> Finances -> Transactions -> Edit Transaction

This screen is used to record or edit a financial transaction. The appearance of the screen depends on the type of the transaction: charge, payment, credit or refund.

All transaction have the following fields in common:

  • Date: date when the transaction was recorded.
  • Void: set to "Yes" to void the transaction, "No" otherwise.
  • Category: each type of transaction (charge, payment, credit or refund) can be further classified via categories which are defined under Billing... in Setup. There is currently no other use for this field which will later be incorporated in more advanced financial features of College Office.
  • Term: if the person is a student, this field refers to the term of the transaction if applicable.
  • Post Date: transaction post date (effective date.)
  • Person, ID: name & ID of the person.
  • Description: transaction description if applicable.
  • Internal Note: use this field on the Note page of the screen to record an internal note on the transaction.

Charges & Credits

Charge and Credit transactions add the following fields:

  • Item: product or service for with a charge or a credit is issued. The list of available items is defined in Items.
  • Quantity: number of "units" of item charged or credited.
  • Unit Price: price per unit (always a positive number, whether a charge or a credit.)

Payments & Refunds

Payment and Refund transactions add the following fields:

  • Amount: amount of the payment or refund (always a positive number, whether for payment or for refund.)
  • Payment Method: payment method used for the payment or refund. The list of available payment methods is defined in Payment Methods in Setup.

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