Edit Transaction

ADMINISTRATION -> Finances -> Transactions -> Edit Transaction

This screen is used to record or edit a financial transaction. The appearance of the screen depends on the type of the transaction: charge, payment, credit or refund.

All transaction have the following fields in common:

  • Date: date when the transaction was recorded.
  • Void: set to "Yes" to void the transaction, "No" otherwise.
  • Post Date: transaction post date (effective date.)
  • Term: if the person is a student, this field refers to the term of the transaction if applicable.
  • Person, ID: name & ID of the person.
  • Description: transaction description if applicable.
  • Internal Note: use this field on the Note page of the screen to record an internal note on the transaction.

Charges & Credits

Charge and Credit transactions add the following fields:

  • Item: product or service for with a charge or a credit is issued. The list of available items is defined in Items.
  • Quantity: number of "units" of item charged or credited.
  • Unit Price: price per unit (always a positive number, whether a charge or a credit.)

Payments & Refunds

Payment and Refund transactions add the following fields:

  • Amount: amount of the payment or refund (always a positive number, whether for payment or for refund.)
  • Payment Method: payment method used for the payment or refund. The list of available payment methods is defined in Payment Methods in Setup.

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