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ADMINISTRATION -> Terms -> Term -> Edit Term

This screen is used to record the information of an academic term.

  • Term: name of the academic term (or semester,) for example: "Fall 2021"
  • Status: can be either "Open" or "Closed". When a term is marked as closed all the academic and curricular information that comes under this term can no longer be modified and the term is no longer visible to instructors in their portal.
  • Campus: campus associated to the term if applicable. If your institution has several campuses, then each campus could have its own academic terms in order to separate classes between campuses.
  • Term Type: the list of available types is defined via Term Types in Setup.
  • Term Starts: term start date.
  • Term Ends: term end date.
  • Registration Starts: date from which registration is open.
  • Registration Ends: date after which registration is closed.
  • Late Registration: date from which registration is considered late.
  • Registration: either "Open" or "Closed," depending on whether students can register online for classes of that term or not. The Online Registration module lets students register online for their classes from their student portal only when this flag is set to Open. The flag is automatically set and cleared by College Office according to the dates you enter in Registration Starts and Ends, but you must set the flag manually if you leave those dates empty. This feature applies to Online Registration which is an optional module: contact us if you would like to subscribe to it.
  • Hidden From Students: set to "Yes" if you would like to hide this term from students. It may be useful while you are configuring the term and enrolling students into it.
  • Hidden From Instructors: set to "Yes" if you would like to hide this term from instructors. This only matters for Open terms since Closed terms are always hidden from instructors anyway.

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