Program Edit Form

This form is used to edit the details of a program of study.

  • Program: name of the program.
  • Program Type: type of program (printed as Credential Awarded on the student transcript.) The list of available types is defined via Program Types in Setup.
  • Department: department responsible for the program. The list of available departments is defined via Departments in Setup.
  • Code: program code if applicable.
  • Credits Required: number of credits required to complete the program (only for documenting purposes for now.)
  • GPA Required: minimum GPA required (only for documenting purposes for now.)
  • Active: "Yes" if the program is currently active, "No" otherwise. Inactive programs are hidden from the user for any new data entry.
  • Description: public program description.
  • Note: internal note on the program.

Use this page to record the program data used when generating the NSLDS Enrollment Report.

Note: once you have created a new program, use the Program View Form to add specializations and requirements.

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