List View Form

This form is used to show and/or modify the details of a list and its members.

The form displays the name, active/inactive status and campus (if applicable) of the list, as well as the members of the list. The list internal note can be viewed via the Note page. Each tile shows:

  • Person name.
  • Start and end dates of the person's membership in the list.
  • Person's picture if available.

By defaults only the members current as of today's date are listed (membership start date is before today and membership end date is either empty or after today): use the fields in the upper part of the page to filter the members of the list by name and/or by membership date other than today's date (clear the Member As Of date to show all members).

Click on the lower right to edit the details of the list (name, campus and note) via the List Edit Form.

Click on the lower right to add a person via the Membership Edit Form.

Click on the lower right to import into this list the members of another list: you will be asked to select the list from which the members are imported and to select the date (by default today) as of which those people are members in the imported list.

Click on tile to edit the enrollment information of a person in the list via the Membership Edit Form.

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