This screen is used to manage a list and its members.


This page shows the name, active/inactive status, campus (if applicable) of the list, as well as the description and internal note fields.

Click on the lower right to edit the details of the list via the Edit List screen.


This page shows all the members of the lis. Each row shows:

  • The member name.
  • The membership start date if applicable.
  • The membership end date if applicable

By default, only current members as of today's date are listed: use the fields in the upper part of the page to filter the members by name and/or by current membership date other than today's date (clear the Member As Of date to show all members).

Click the purple hyperlinked member name to view the person's record via the Person screen.

Click anywhere else on the row to edit that membership information via the Edit Membership screen.

Click on the lower right to add many people at once to the list. College Office displays a list of all people: you can filter by name, person type, term or campus. Set the correct membership start date and click on as many people as needed. Click X on the upper left (or click on the main screen) when done.

Click on the lower right to import into this list the members of another list: you will be asked to select the list from which the members are imported and to select their membership start date.

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