Staff View Form

This form shows relevant information pertaining to a staff member. It has 3 pages: Details, Classes and Advisees.


The name of the person is in purple, the standard color in College Office to highlight a hyperlink: click on it to go to the Person's form.

  • Title: role or title of this staff member.
  • Campus: campus assigned to this staff member if applicable.
  • Department: department assigned to this staff member if applicable.
  • Start Date: work start date.
  • End Date: work end date if applicable.
  • Note: internal note.

Click to edit this information via the Staff Edit Form.


This page displays all the classes this staff member is teaching. You can filter by academic term or by campus. Each tile shows:

  • Course code.
  • Class section.
  • Class academic term.
  • Course title.

Click on a tile to view the details of the class via the Class View Form.

Tip: a staff member is assigned as the teacher of a class via the Class Edit Form.


This page displays all the advisees assigned to a staff member. Each tile shows:

  • Advisee's name.
  • Advisee's admission date.
  • Advisee's admission status.
  • Advisee's academic statistics: credits earned / credits tried and GPA.
  • Advisee's picture if available.

Click on a tile to see the advisee's admission form.

By default, only current advisees as of todays's date are listed, but you can change the Advisees On field to another date or even clear it to show all the advisees this staff member has ever had. You can also filter the advisees by academic term and by campus.

Tip: a staff member can become the adviser of a student either at the student application level (see Admission View Form or Admission Edit Form) or at the student program enrollment level (see the Program Enrollment Edit Form.)

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