Admission Edit Form

This form lets you edit the basic information of an admission record. It is accessed either by clicking on the Details page of the Admission View Form or by clicking on the Admissions page of the Person View Form.

Note: when creating a new admission record, the screen asks you to select an Admission Status, but this field is not visible when editing an existing admission record: use the Admission View Form to modify the Admission Status of an existing admission record.

  • The upper right of the form displays 1 : Stephanie Carrey, which is the name of the person preceded by the person's admission ordinal number: 1 means this is the first admission record of that person. Most people admitted in your institution would only have have one admission record, but if it was the second admission record of Stephanie then you would see 2 : Stephanie Carrey. For more details on the number of admission records per individual, check the Admissions help topic.
  • Campus: select the campus into which the person is admitted if applicable.
  • Effective Start Date: date when admission record became effective or active
  • Effective End Date: date when admission record is no longer active (student stopped or completed their studies.)
  • Adviser: if the student is assigned an adviser, click the button on the right to select an adviser from the list of staff members. Note that you can also assign an adviser to the student for a specific program of study: see the Program Enrollment topic.
  • Last Date of Attendance: last date the student attended a class (used by some institutions for reporting purposes.)
  • Previous College Experience: "Yes" if student has previous college experience, "No" otherwise. This information is used for reporting purposes.
  • Former Institution: former institution student attended before applying to your institution. Click the button on the right to select an institution. If the institution does not already exist, click the New Instituion button to create it.
  • Note: use this field to record any internal note on this admission record.

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