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ADMINISTRATION -> People -> Person -> Online Access

Two things are required for a person to have online access to College Office:

  • They must be given credentials in order to be authenticated by the system
  • They must be assigned one or more roles in order to be authorized by the system

There are 2 ways of granting online access to users. You can do it either for a specific user or for all the students of a term

Granting Online Access To All Students Of a Term

From the Term screen click the tools icon on the lower right and select Create Online Accounts. The system will create a username and password for each student of the term with an email address who does not already have a username. It will also automatically assign them the Student role and email them their credentials.

Granting Online Access For a Specific User

To grant credentials and enable online access, click the button on the lower right of the Person Form.

  • Primary Email: the person must have a primary email in order to have online access.
  • Username for Online Access: College Office prefills this field with a suggested username, but you may override this suggestion (the system will let you know if the username you enter is already assigned.)
  • Create Username: click this button to create the username and College Office will automatically send an email to the person with their username and a randomly generated password.
  • All other buttons are disabled except for the Close button.

Managing Online Access

To manage the online access of a person who has already been granted access credentials, click the button on the lower right of the Person Form.

  • Delete Username: click this button to remove the username from the person (and therefore also disable their online access.) Only do this if the person requested to be assigned a different username.
  • Unlock User: College Office will lock out a user who enters a wrong password five times in a row within a couple minutes. Click this button to unlock them.
  • Reset Password: click this button to generate a new random password for the user which will be emailed to them by College Office.
  • Disable Access: click this button to disable this person's online access without deleting their username. Then click this button again (then labeled Enable Access) to re-instate their online access.
  • All other buttons are disabled except for the Close button.

Assigning Roles

The username and password lets College Office identify a user, the role(s) assigned to the user let College Office to determine what the user can see and do. Roles are assigned via the Person Edit Form which is accessed by clicking the edit button on the lower right of the Person Form.

See the Person Edit Form for a description of the various roles available.

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