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The Person View screen lets you see all the information about a person. The screen has 9 pages: Profile, Custom, Contact, Admissions, Staff Positions, Memberships, Transactions, Consents and Emails.


This page displays the basic information about the identity of the person. Check the Details page of the Edit Person screen for a description of each field.

Click on the lower right to edit the record via the Edit Person screen.

Click on the lower right to upload a picture via the upload picture screen.

Click on the lower right to manage the online access of the person. For more details check the online access help topic.

Click on the lower right to add roles to the person. Roles determine what the person can do when they log into College Office. You can only assign roles that your own role is allowed to assign.

All the roles assigned to the person are displayed on the page: click on a role to show a confirmation message asking you if you want to remove that role from the person. You can only remove roles that your own role is allowed to assign.


This page displays various data fields about the person. We can easily add fields customized to the need of your institution to this page.

Click on a row to edit that field content.


This page displays the postal and electronic addresses of the person.

Click the relevant contact tile to edit its information.

Click on the lower right to add a new postal or electronic address.

When editing an electronic or a postal address, the choices in the Type drop down list come from the types you have defined via Electronic Address Types or Postal Address Types in Setup.


This page lists a person's admission records which are synonymous with student records. Anyone who is a student in your institution must therefore have at least one record on this page.

Some students could have more than one admission record. Suppose that a student comes to your institution to get a bachelor and graduates, and then 3 years later returns to get a master: the recommended way to handle this would be to create a second student record when they return to your institution for their master since they would have to go through a new admission process. Another way to handle it could be to keep the original student record, but to enroll them in a new program of study:

  • If you create 2 student/admission records you will have 2 transcripts, one for each student record, and each transcript will only contain the courses and programs taken under the relevant student record.
  • If you keep only 1 student record, then all courses and programs will be listed under a single student transcript.

Each row displays:

  • The student admission ordinal number: see explanation above.
  • The student current status.
  • The effective start date of the student.
  • The effective end date of the student if applicable.
  • The total number of credits tried, earned and transferred by the student.
  • The student overall GPA.

Click on the lower right to create a new admission/student record via the Edit Student screen.

Click on a row to view that student record via the Student screen.

Staff Positions

This page lists the staff positions of the person within your institution. Each tile shows the staff's title, start date, end date (if applicable) and work phone number.

Every instructor in your institution should have a record on this page, otherwise they cannot be assigned to a class.

Click on the lower right to add a new staff position via the Edit Staff Member screen.

Click on a row to view that staff record, in particular the classes and advisees assigned to an instructor, via the Staff Member screen.

Tip: you can also make a person into a staff member from the Staff screen.


This page shows all the memberships of the person in various lists. This is a simple sidekick feature to help you keep track of people via lists. You can either add list memberships to a person from this page, or add people to a list from the List screen. Check the Lists help topic to learn how to create lists.

Each tile displays:

  • The name of the list the person belongs to (purple & hyperlinked to the List record)
  • The membership start and end dates as applicable.

Click on the lower right to enroll the person in one or more lists: College Office will display all the active lists. You can filter the lists by name or campus. Set the correct membership start date and select as many lists as you need. Click Close (or click on the main screen) when done.

Click on the purple hyperlinked list name to view the list and all its members.

Click anywhere else on the tile to edit that membership information via the Edit Membership screen.

Tip: you can broadcast an email message to the members of a list, check the Broadcasting help topic.


This page shows all the financial transactions under the person's account.

Click on the lower right to add a new Charge, Payment, Credit or Refund via the Edit Transaction screen.
Click on a row to edit that transaction via the Edit Transaction screen.


This page shows all the notices this person is required to consent to in order to use College Office as well as the date & time (EST) when they consented. An empty date means they did not consent yet: they will be required to consent when they try to log into College Office. Some of these notices were created by Semafox, Inc the maker of College Office, but you can also require your users to consent to your own notices: check the Notices help topic.

Click on any row to see more details on that notice.

Click on the lower right to manually add a requirement for this person to consent to a notice. This would only be necessary if this person is outside the notice target roles but you still want them to consent to that notice.


This page shows all the emails sent to this person, except for confidential emails related to login credentials, and the date & time (US EST) when the email was sent. An empty date means the email was not sent.

Click on any row to view the detail of that email (content as well as attached documents.)

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