Person View Form

The Person View Form lets you access all the information about a person. The form has 9 pages: Profile, Contact, Notes, Admissions, Staff Positions, Memberships, Transactions, Consents and Emails.


This page displays the basic information about the identity of the person. Check the Details page of the Person Edit Form for a description of each field.

Click on the lower right to edit the record via the Person Edit Form.

Click on the lower right to assign a picture:

  • When using a desktop computer, clicking the Browse button will let you select a picture from a folder on your computer. (The name of this button depends on the browser you use, in Chrome or Safari it is labeled Choose File.)
  • When using a tablet or smart-phone, clicking the Browse button will give you access to the camera of the device so that you can directly take a picture of the person and assign it to their record, this is by far the easiest way of assigning a picture to a person!
  • To remove the picture without assigning a new one, click on the lower right.

Click on the lower right to grant online access to the person. For more details check the online access help topic.


This page displays all the contact information about the person. Click the relevant contact tile to edit its information.

Click on the lower right to add a new postal or electronic address.

When editing an electronic or a postal address, the choices in the Type drop down list come from the types you have defined via Electronic Address Types or Postal Address Types in Setup.


Click the edit button on the bottom right of the Notes page to edit an internal note on the person.


This page shows the person admission records. Once a person has been admitted, their admission record becomes synonymous with student record. Each tile shows:

  • The person admission ordinal number (1st, 2nd etc..). Most people will only have one admission record.
  • The admission status.
  • The student's overall adviser if applicable.
  • The start and end dates of the admission record. If the student was admitted, then the end date is the date when they leave your institution.
  • The number of credits earned / credits tried and the GPA of the student if this admission record became a student record.

Click on the lower right to add a new admission record via the Admission Edit Form.

Click on the tile to access the record's details via the Admission View Form.

Check the Admissions help topic for more information on admissions.

Staff Positions

This page shows the staff positions of the person within your institution. Each tile shows:

  • The person's employment title.
  • The person's start date, and eventual end date.
  • The campus they are assigned to if applicable.
  • The department they come under if applicable.

Every instructor in your institution should have a record on this page.

Click on the lower right to add a new staff position via the Staff Edit Form.

Click on a tile to view and edit its details via the Staff View Form, in particular the classes and advisees assigned to an instructor.

Tip: you can also make a person into a staff member from the Staff screen.


This page lets you easily assign a person to one or more lists. This is a simple sidekick feature to help you keep track of certain people via lists. You can either add a list to a person from this page, or add a person to a list from the List View Form. Check the Lists help topic to learn how to create lists.

Click on the lower right to enroll the person in a list via the Membership Edit Form.

Click on a tile to edit its information via the Membership Edit Form.


This page lets you view and record financial transactions under the person's account.

Click on the lower right to add a new Charge, Payment, Credit or Refund via the Transaction Edit Form.

Click on an existing transaction to edit it via the Transaction Edit Form.


This page shows all the notices this person needs to consent to in order to use College Office as well as the date when they consented (an empty date means they did not consent: they will be required to consent when they log into College Office). Some of these notices were created by Semafox, Inc, but you also have the option of requiring your users to consent to a notice you design: check the Notices help topic.

Click on any tile to see more details on that notice.


This page shows all the emails sent to this person. Confidential emails (those related to login credentials) are hidden by default, you may list them by checking the Confidential Emails check box but you will not be able to view their content.

Click on any non confidential email to view the detail of the email (content as well as attached documents.)

The Sent column shows the date and time (US EST) when the email was sent: an empty date means the email was not sent.

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