Edit Person

ADMINISTRATION -> People -> Person -> Edit Person

This screen lets you record the essential information about the identity of the person. Other data such as contact information is recorded via the Person View screen. The screen has 4 pages: Details, Note, Roles and Citizenship.


  • Status: can be left blank or set to Frozen. A Student whose status is set to Frozen can no longer access his academic information from the portal and is flagged as frozen throughout the application to Registrars and Instructors.
  • Instituion Assigned ID: This is the person identifier that your institution assigns to the person: it can be left empty if you do not use identifiers. It can be entered manually (any alphanumeric combination,) or it can be automatically generated by College Office (check the My Institution help topic for more details.)
  • Demographic Group: person's demographic group, used for reporting purposes in certain countries. The list of available groups is defined via Demographic Groups in Setup.
  • Primary Email: person's primary email address: this field is required if you want to give this person online access to College Office.
  • Secondary Email: use this field to record a secondary email for the student. This email address is not used by College Office when sending emails to students.
  • Ok To Email: check No if this person should not receive broadcasted emails.
  • Mobile Phone: mobile phone number of the person.
  • Show Mobile: for students only: check Yes if the student's mobile number should be visible to his/her instructors.
  • High School Graduation Status: High School Graduation Status, the list of available statuses is defined via High School Graduation Statuses in Setup.
  • High School Graduation Year: High school graduation year


Use this page to record an internal note about this individual.


Roles determine what the person can do when they log into College Office. To assign the person one or more roles, click on the bottom right and select one or more of the following roles:

  • Administrator: this role lets a user access the setup forms used to configure College Office.
  • Financial: this role lets a user see and modify students financial information.
  • Financial/ReadOnly: this role lets a user see all that the Financial role sees without being able to make changes.
  • Instructor: this role lets a user access the instructor portal.
  • Instructor/ReadOnly: this role lets a user see all that the Instructor role sees without being able to make changes.
  • Only Print Reports: this role is reserved for users who should only be allowed to print reports but not see anything else.
  • Registrar: this is the standard role for an employee of the registrar's office, it gives them access to the registrar module
  • Registrar/ReadOnly: this role lets a user see all that the Registrar role sees without being able to make changes.
  • Student: this role lets a user access the student portal.

To remove a role from a user, click on the role and select OK when asked if you want to remove the role from the user.


This page shows the citizenship(s) of the person.

Click on a row to edit that citizenship information.

Click on the lower right to add a new citizenship.

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