Person Edit Form

This form lets you record the essential information about the identity of the person. Other data such as contact information is recorded via the Person View Form. The form has 3 pages: Details, Roles and Citizenship.


  • First Name
  • Middle Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Insitituion Assigned ID: This is the person identifier that your institution assigns to the person, it may be left empty if you do not use identifiers. It can be any alphanumeric combination, but you may also elect to have this ID auto generated by College Office, see the My Institution help topic for more details.
  • National ID: This is the national ID of the person (such as the Social Security Number in the US.) This number is hidden by default: click on it to view and edit it.
  • Prefix:
  • Suffix:
  • HS Graduation Status: High School Graduation Status, the list of available statuses is defined via High School Graduation Statuses in Setup.
  • Year: High school graduation year
  • Date of Birth:
  • Demographic Group: person's demographic group, used for reporting purposes in certain countries. The list of available groups is defined via Demographic Groups in Setup.
  • Country of Birth:
  • Primary Phone:
  • Ok To Email: check No if this person should not receive broadcasted emails.
  • Primary Email: person's primary email address: this field is required if you want to give this person online access to College Office.
  • Gender:
  • Married:
  • Former Name: Former name of a person such as maiden name.


Roles determine what the person can do when they log into College Office. To assign the person one or more roles, click on the bottom right and select one of the available roles:

  • Administrator: this role should be assigned in combination with the Registrar role: it gives the person access to the setup forms.
  • Registrar: this is the standard role for an employee of the registrar's office, it gives them access to the registrar module
  • Instructor: this is the standard role for any instructor, it gives them access to the instructors module.
  • Student: this is the standard role for any student, it gives them access to the students module.


College Office lets you assign one or more citizenship to a person. To add a citizenship, click on the lower right, select the country of citizenship and record the details relevant to that person's citizenship.

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