Program Enrollment Edit Form

This form is used to record the information that pertains to the enrollment of a student in a program of study. It is accessed from the Programs page of the Admission View Form. The form has 2 pages, Details and Specializations.


  • The upper left of the page displays the admission number and the student name, for example 1 : Stephanie Carrey is the first (and usually only) admission record of Stephanie Carrey.
  • Program: use the drop down list to select one of the active programs of study.
  • Status: status of the student in the program. The list of available statuses comes is defined via Student Program Statuses in Setup.
  • Program Adviser: if the student has a dedicated adviser for this program, click on the right to select an instructor. Note that you can also assign an overall adviser to the student apart from any program of study: check the Admission Edit Form topic.
  • Admission Campus this read only field is a reminder of the student's assigned campus if applicable (from the student's admission record)
  • Graduation: if applicable, use the drop down box to select the graduation event at which the student is scheduled to graduate from this program of study. Graduation events are defined via the Graduations screen. Note: if the student is assigned to a specific campus via its admission record, then only graduations linked to the same campus are listed in the drop down list!
    Tip: you can also assign a student to a graduation from the Graduation View Form.


Use this page to assign one or more specialization(s) if the program of study has specializations.

  • Click on the lower right to enroll the student is one of the active specializations of the program.
  • Click on a specialization to edit it.

Check the Program Specializations topic for more details on defining program specializations.

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