This form is used to manage the admission records of your institution. By default, only admission records active as of today, that is admission records with a compatible start and end dates, are initially listed, but you can set the Active On field to another date or clear it to view all records.

Each tile shows:

  • Person's name.
  • Admission ordinal number (usually 1).
  • Admission start and end date if applicable.
  • Admission status.
  • Admission campus if applicable.

To quickly find the admission record of a person, enter their name or ID, or a portion of it, in the Name or ID text box (clear the Active On text box if they do not come up). For more filtering options, including filtering on Admission Status or Campus, click the filter button on the lower right.

Once a person has been admitted, their admission record becomes their student record under which all their programs, terms and classes are recorded.

Tip: A person usually has only one admission/student record, but they could also have more than one. Suppose for example that a student comes to your institution to get a bachelor, graduates, and then 3 years later returns to get a master. The recommended way to handle this would be to create a second admission record when they return to your institution for their master since they would have to go through a new admission process. Another way to handle it is to keep the original admission record but to enroll them in a new program of study.

  • If you create 2 admission records you will have 2 transcripts, one for each admission record, and each transcript will only contain the courses and programs taken under their relevant admission record.
  • If you keep only 1 admission record, then all courses and programs will be listed under the single student transcript.

Creating an admission record

Admission records are created from the Person's record via the Admissions page of the Person View Form. The first step in admitting a student is therefore to create a Person's record from the People screen.

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