This screen lists the students of your institution. By default, only current students (students with a compatible start and end dates with today's date) are shown, but you can set the Active On field on the upper left to another date to see students active on that date or clear it to view all records.

Each row shows:

  • The person's ordinal student record number (1st, 2nd, etc...). See the Edit Student help topic for more details.
  • The student's name, current status, start and end dates.
  • The total number of credits tried, earned and transferred by the student.
  • The student overall GPA.

Click on a row to view that student's full record via the Student screen.

To find a specific student record, enter their name or ID, or a portion of it, in the Name or ID text box on the upper left of he screen (clear the Active On text box if they do not come up). For more filtering options, including filtering on Student Status or Campus, click the filter button on the lower right.

Note: student records are created from the Person's record via the Admissions page of the Person screen. The first step in admitting a student is therefore to create a Person's record from the People screen.

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