College Office comes with a multitude of predefined reports which can all be either printed on paper or exported to a PDF, MS Word or MS Excel document. Each report has its own set of parameters which assure maximum flexibility.

From the Home page click the Reports button on the lower right of the page to access all the predefined reports which are available to you. The number of available reports will keep growing as we continue to develop new reports to address specific customer requests.

Printing a Report

Note the text on the upper left of the screen: You must allow pop-ups from to print reports! If you click on a report and nothing happens, it is most certainly because your browser is blocking pop-ups. The way you allow pop-ups from varies from browser to browser, but when the browser first blocks the pop-up from College Office it usually gives an option to allow pop-ups. Check this link for instructions on allowing pop-ups from a specific site for all current browsers.

You may filter the reports by category or by name (name contains...). Click to read a small description of what the report does, click anywhere else on the report tile to execute the report.

Each report requires its own set of parameters:

List of Documented Reports

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