Home Screen

The Home screen is the main hub from which you can access all your information. Wherever you are in the application, click on the upper left corner of the screen to return to it.

Click on your name (purple link) on the upper left corner of the home page to view and modify your profile via the View My Profile screen.

  • People, to manage the "people" of your institution, whether they be students, prospects, alumni, instructors or staff.

  • Admissions, to manage your admission records which are also your students.

  • Terms, to manage the academic terms during which you offer instruction.

  • Graduations, to manage the graduation events.

  • Staff, to manage your staff.

  • Classes, to manage your classes (classes can also be accessed under terms)

  • Transactions, to manage your financial transactions (financial transactions that pertain to a specific term or student can also be accessed under the relevant screens.)

  • Lists, to manage lists into which you may enroll people, a useful sidekick feature.

  • Courses, to manage the courses offered by your institution.

  • Programs, to manage the programs of study offered by your institution.

  • Institutions, to manage the list of educational institutions you interact with.

  • Holidays, to record the days when your institution is closed so that College Office would not generate class sessions on these dates.

  • Rooms, to manage the rooms available for scheduling classes.

  • Products, to manage the list of products or services you may need to bill students for.

From the task bar on the bottom of the screen you access:

  • Help, to access this help system.
  • Setup, to configure College Office for your institution.
  • Reports, to view, print, or export reports (to PDF, Excel or Word.)
  • Messages, to broadcast messages to targeted groups of individuals.
  • Batch Imports, to import batches of external records into College Office.

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