College Office keeps one common repository for all the people of your institution, whether they be prospects, applicants, students, instructors, alumni or staff members. Before you can do anything else with an individual in College Office, they must have a Person record.

This screen shows all the people in your database.

Each tile shows the person's name, gender, date of birth and ID if applicable.

Click on the lower right of the page to add a new person via the Person Edit screen.

Click on a row to view that person via the Person View screen.

You can search for people by entering a portion of their name, username or ID in the Name, Username or ID field on the upper left of the screen.

For more filtering options, click on the lower right of the screen. You will be able to filter by:

  • Name, Username or ID
  • Role, for example 'Instructor' or 'Student'. See the Person Edit help topic for a description of the roles.
  • Campus, campus where the person is either enrolled or teaching.
  • Online Access, options are Online access, No online access or Either.
  • Term, term during which the person is either enrolled or teaching.

Tip: when looking for a student's record you can also use the Students screen. When looking for an instructor's record you can also use the Staff screen.

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