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As you enter, change or delete information, College Office automatically computes in the background any academic statistics that may be affected by the change: credits tried, credits earned, value points, GPA and attendance counts (number of times student is present, absent or late in class), student term credit/audit status. This happens automatically and you do not need to worry about it. There are a few situations though where you may need to force College Office re-compute all these values such as if you have made a change to the grading system that may affect past records (suppose for example you've changed D from being a passing grade to being a failing grade, or that you have changed the grade point value of a C from 2.0 to 1.8. For more details on changing the grading policy, check the Grades help topic.)

  • Select Recompute Open Terms Only if you would like to recompute the academic stats for open terms only. This will also make the system recompute the cumulated stats of all students enrolled in an open term (the cumulated stats will be computed from all the student records, in both open and closed terms.) If a student is enrolled in both open and closed terms, his cumulated stats and his open term stats are therefore recomputed, but the stats of his closed terms are not be recomputed.
  • Select Recompute All Terms if you would like to recompute the cumulated and term stats of all students and for all terms.

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