Grade Levels

Grade Levels refer to the the academic (grade) levels of students and are usually determined by their number of earned credits. A grade level is assigned to a student for a given term, so for example: if John Smith is enrolled in the Fall 2017 as a Freshman and is later enrolled in the Fall 2018 as a Sophomore, his Grade Level for Fall 2017 remains Freshman even though he is now a Sophomore in the Fall 2018 term.

Click on the lower right to add a new grade level, or click on an existing grade level to edit it.

Grade Level Edit Screen:

Name: Name of the grade (academic) level

Min Earned Credits and Max Earned Credits: Minimum and maximum number of earned credits that a student must have in order to belong to this grade level. This information is currently not used by College Office, it could be used in a future release as a way of automatically determining student grade levels when they are enrolled in a term.

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