SETUP -> Campuses

You can divide your institutions in campuses to manage situations such as extension schools. A campus is not just another building down the road, it is rather a fairly independent extension of your institution with its own academic terms and classes.

Suppose your institution is based in Washington DC and has an extension school in Miami FL, you may want to create 2 campuses: "Washington Campus" and "Miami Campus". You can then assign a term to a specific campus (for example "Spring W-2018" as your Spring 2018 in Washington and "Spring M-2018" as your Spring 2018 in Miami.) When you create classes under each term, each class is then connected to the campus of their term. You may also link Rooms, Lists, Graduations, Students and Employees to a campus. Many reports lets you filter by campus the information you print.

Use the upper left Yes/No Active switch and Name field to filter the list by Active/Inactive status and/or by name.

Click on the lower right to add a new campus via the Edit Campus screen.

Click on a row to edit that campus via the Edit Campus screen.

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