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This screen lets you view and customize settings that affect the way College Office looks or works. It is only accessible to users with the Administrator role as it contains extremely confidential information concerning your institution. The screen has 5 pages: Details, Custom, Settings, Fees and Increments.


This page shows the institution's name, logo, web site and contact information as it will appear on certain printed reports (for example transcripts), as well as the institution email signature for emails sent from College Office.

Click on the lower right to download the latest encrypted backup of your data. This feature is only available if it has been enabled for your institution (contact us to enable it). The password used to encrypt your data can be seen or set via the Custom page of this screen: look for the Encryption Password field under the Backup category.

Click on the lower right to upload the logo for your institution.

Click on the lower right to edit this information via the Edit My Institution screen.


This page lists various fields used to customize College Office. Take the time to click on each row to read the description of that field and, if applicable, set its value. We can also add fields customized to the need of your institution to this page.

Of primary importance in this list are the fields of the SMTP category which are used to record the parameters of the email account College Office will use to send emails on behalf of your institution. Check the help topic Sending emails via Google GMail if you are using GMail or the Google Business suite. If left empty, College Office will send emails from the email adress which is not recommended since emails will appear to students as coming from us rather than from your institution.


This page shows various settings that affect the way College Office operates. See the Settings section of the Edit My Institution help topic for a description of each field.

Click on the lower right to edit this information via the Edit My Institution screen.


Use this page to create a default template of fees for your terms. When a new academic term is created, all the fees listed here will be automatically imported as the default fees for that term. This can all be overridden at the term level.

Click on the lower right to add fees.
Click on a row to edit that fee via the Edit Fee screen. Check the Edit Fee help topic for an explanation of each field.


Certain IDs in College Office such as invoice numbers, student IDs etc.. can be automatically incremented if you choose to.

  • Table: name of the table for which an ID field is auto-incremented
  • Next Number: next value of that ID
  • Format: formatting string (Microsoft syntax) used to format the ID generated by College Office.

The list currently contains 3 records: "ESTIMATE", "INVOICE" and "PERSON". Only PERSON is currently used to control the auto-increment feature of the Person's ID field (see the Institution Assigned ID field in the Edit Person screen).

Click on a row to edit the Next Number and Format fields of that table via the Edit Auto Increment screen.

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